Who is Twice As Deep?
Twice As Deep (TAD) is the musical stylings of Jeremiah Womack (and various AMAZING friends along the way) to glorify Christ!

      Sure, there are artists out there who do rock, those who do hip-hop, and those who do worship and praise, but the vision of TAD is to be able to meld them all  into a "joyful noise" for the Creator! To embody Corinthians 9:19-23 and to "be all things to all men" from a musical ministry standpoint. To take the sounds of Funk, Rock, Alternative, Hip-Hop, Folk, Rap, Hardcore, Gospel, and Praise & Worship to create an all-you-can-eat-buffet style of ministry for everyone and every situation. Some might consider this a brazen move, and that you simply have to stick to one or two areas. Well, Jeremiah just can't paint with only one or two colors...

      "People have so many different tastes. Shouldn't we be able to reach, and speak to, them all," says Jeremiah? "Wouldn't I be limiting myself by doing otherwise? Aside from the spiritual aspect, It would be really hard, and definitely forced, to have to limit myself to one or two styles. I have way too many influences and, I believe, that better reflects the Creator and His children. Plus, does anyone really only listen to one style of music these days? "

      Jeremiah began this journey in Los Angeles, when he collided with the One True King. Jeremiah went from bassist at the LA Dream Center, to being thrust into leading worship on guitar for a weekly healing service at Angelus Temple. This quickly led to writing songs and being entrusted to lead teams on a near weekly basis. After several years of refining in Los Angeles, God led Jeremiah and his family to relocate to Phoenix, Arizona where even more doors began to open. It was there, in the "Valley of the Sun," that Jeremiah led a team multiple times a week as a Worship Pastor / Band Leader for a small church plant. This led to many "outside" opportunities and demand quickly grew for Jeremiah's heart-felt worship style and fun-filled concerts. 

     Jeremiah and Twice As Deep bring not only great talent, but great testimony! Jeremiah has firsthand experience of life’s hardships and is not afraid to share his struggles with any audience. This enables Jeremiah to sincerely connect with just about anyone as he has been through abuse, addiction, poverty, broken homes, religious-ity, rejection, and so many other pains of life. God has seen him through it for a reason and the music is the avenue through which Jeremiah shares of Christ's faithfulness over humanity’s unfaithfulness.

      In March of 2012, Jeremiah and Twice As Deep won the "Dream Sponsorship" through KingdomWork Studios in Chandler, Arizona where they recorded two radio-ready tracks for free. Jeremiah and TAD
released his first multi-track EP on 09/25/2012 and has recently linked with Living Word Bible Church in Mesa, AZ. Jeremiah has led worship for over 300 church services, ministered at dozens of outreaches/in-reaches, and several events for youth, recovery centers, and and has worked with & received accolades from Extreme Faith Productions, KLOVE Radio, and even AIR1 Radio

For booking info please email Info@TwiceAsDeep.com or use the "Contact Us" page


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