A Letter From Jeremiah

A Letter from Jeremiah
...AKA Twice As Deep:

Jesus and people; that's what I'm about!

Most of all, I love impacting people with this gift God has given me known as song; especially when leading people in worship! I do this with some awesome people and, sometimes, just me and my guitar. Either way, I always give my all...

More than just the musical aspects, I love to connect! That is really what "Twice As Deep" is all about; connecting. I adore the chances to share, impact, and have fun with this gift of life. Most importantly, it's about being "real" and that is something you will always get from me. It may be a little "too real" for some, but that is life!

So, if that sounds good to you, keep checking out the website. Check out the links and find out for yourself what "Twice As Deep" really is. Follow me on your preferred social website, or get it direct to your email and sign up for the email list for the more intimate moments! Actually, email is the best way to go....

Nothing without Him,





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